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Alex Martinez Rivera Entrepreneurial Projects

Some of the Projects I have worked and currently working on..

Here's just a small sampling of the projects that are from implementation to startup.


Caribbean Strategies on Fostering Employment and Prosperity

A concise paperback revealing the illness that plagues the Caribbean and the ways the Islands can fight with the slow stagnation that has kept the region and the financial world in checkmate with the promulgation of loans against the national interests.  

Company Logo

Company Logo

Solaire Airways Group

This is the most ambitious project I ever had to date:

Solaire Airways is a company on its finishing its inception stages:

Solaire Airways, a new, exciting commercial airline to be based in the Central Florida Area. Currently, on Solaire Airways an experienced and enthusiastic executive team is been assembled, which after we will seek funding to begin the FAA/DOT certification process to follow Part 121 operating regulations.

Currently Solaire Airways is underway of doing its Domestic & Caribbean studies of startup to evaluate the better market entry feasibility (MEF).

With its headquarters in the Central Florida Area, it would bring its divisions and future subsidiaries under one roof. Providing the answers for tomorrows needs.

Oceansky Jets

If you thought that Solaire Airways was ambitious then OceanSky truly is revolutionary. Also in its feasibility evaluations to bring an end to overly expensive flights in the general aviation sector through technology, empty legs and algorithms.